… a smooth criminal?

Hey, hi, hello. My name is Annie and this is where I lay out all of my thoughts. They may include rants, stories, quotes, photographs, or just a bunch of hoopla. Writing soothes my soul and helps me sort my thoughts.

I’m 21 years old and taking life one day at a time. Music and tattoos are my favorite forms of art. I love to travel and hug my Golden Doodle pupper. I run my own business and take pride in being a good friend.

My favorite teacher called me up to her desk one day. She stood up and took my left shoulder to shift me towards the front of the classroom. Above the dry erase board was a quote that was very important to her. It talked about everyone having a certain gift, and if you didn’t use this gift, you were wasting the gift and your time.

“Writing,” she looked me in the eyes with a smile and whispered, “that is your gift, Annie.”

So here I am. Perhaps I can entertain you or open your mind.

Love always,