Letter 1.

This letter is to someone who is in my life for a reason because the timing was all too right yet all too wrong.

Dear sunshine,

How are you? I miss being around your warm smile. The few days we spent together are some of the most nostalgic memories I have. I look back on videos I recorded when we were physically together and videos you’ve sent me with thousands of miles between us and smile – but my heart aches to return to a moment with you by my side once more.

You are one of the most comfortable people to be around. Whether it’s how genuine you are, your wide taste in hobbies, or how you’re naturally a people person, people see the good in your heart; I wish you could too.

A lot of times, we reflect on the past and spend so much of our present replaying it over and over and over again. We do that until this past situation slowly breaks us down and catches up with us in the present. It makes me sad to see the people I love become  consumed by their past actions or be taken in the undertow of previous pain in their heart.

I tell you this all the time, but I wish you could see what I see. You are so talented. God gave you a gift in the arts – but that surely isn’t the only gift he blessed you with. When it came to you, he was very generous. He made you a good friend, brother, son, and family member. He made you goofy, lovable, and genuine. He made you passionate, handsome, and complex. But you see, the complex is in the best way possible.

It’s as if there are levels to you – like in a video game. Once you understand one, or break through a barrier, the next level is waiting. Each one harder than the last – but you grow stronger and wiser the farther you adventure. Not everyone in the beginning levels stay with you as the game grows more difficult. It may be hard to understand at first, but it’s okay. It will be okay.

I hope the people you keep close to you tell you how proud of you they are. I am so proud of you – for following your dreams and pushing through the tides. I wish we were closer – in distance and in heart. I know there will forever be mutual unspoken words between us.

I feel as if you’ve been struggling and I just got the urge to write to you. Remember how rewarding everything will feel in the end. Take a step back now and loosen up – break all the tension in your body and smile for a second. Don’t always be so down on yourself.. you are incredible.

Things might seem hard now, but they won’t always be. Besides, if anyone can do it, I know it’s you. I hope if you ever need me, you know I’m here for you and I’ll be here for you through anything and everything. Once again wishing we were closer in distance and in heart.

Protect that heart of yours sunshine, because it’s truly a pot of gold. Remember what is important to you – and remember that you will forever be important to me.

I hate it when the timing is all too right but all too wrong. Maybe one day we’ll cross paths in a coffee shop and pick up where we left off.

Love always,

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